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Established in 2007, Delmege Coir is an exporter and manufacturer of coir fibre products. The company exports a wide range of products to customers in Korea, Japan, USA, and Europe under its own registered brand name, “Delgrow”.

The production facility is located in an area encompassed in the coconut triangle which is the hub of coconut cultivation in the country. The location of the factory in Divulapitiya some 60 km from capital Colombo provides easy access to a wide web of raw material supplies, which in turn ensures continuous production with no hindrance due to seasonal changes.

In an effort to produce and maintain coir products of world class quality, stringent quality control and monitoring systems such as GMP are enforced.

The company prides itself in differentiating from the competition by embracing innovation both in technology and new product development with an aim to meet the varied requirements in diverse markets. Charcoal infused compressed coco peat product is such an example.

The well experienced staff is a key strength in Delmege Coir. Most of the team members count many years of experience in the industry and are capable of manufacturing a wide range of coir-based products.

Delmege Coir possesses a largest in-house production capacity unlike many in the industry. Therefore, any phase in the production process is not outsourced; all take place under one roof. The competitive price, high-quality assurance and the timely deliveries are the favorable results of having an end-to-end production facility.

We are capable of supplying the entire range of compressed coco peat products and almost all coir-related products.

Delmege Coir (pvt) Ltd is a leading
exporter to the

Agriculture and Horticulture

  • Coco peat in all compressed forms (discs, cubes, briquettes, blocks, bags, grow bags)
  • Husk chips in all compressed forms (discs, cubes, briquettes, blocks, bags, grow bags)
  • Coir poles
  • Cut fibre

Erosion Control

  • Coir blankets
  • Geo textile
  • Coir / Bio logs

General Industrial

  • Coir fibre (baby, mattress, Bristol, mixed) in bales
  • Twisted coir fibre (mattress, Bristol, mixed) in rolls
  • Rubberized , needled coir sheets
  • Coir brushes
  • Coir mat

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