The history of Delmege group goes back to the year 1850, when Alexander Reid – a merchant operating from the Peddler Street in Galle- established a start up business . In 1865, Delmege brothers , (Sam and Toby) upon arriving in Ceylon , formed a partnership with James Reid who succeeded Alexander, and set up offices in Colombo and Galle. It is recorded that the Delmege brothers had worked as Pilots and Collectors in the Mississippi River Steamer Service and made a fortune in running the blockade. On the termination of the American Civil War, they left America and settled in Ceylon. Between 1865 and 1892, the partnership successfully acquired many important agencies for Coal, Insurance and Steamships. In 1882 they were made agent for The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, forming a relationship that still continues more than a hundred years later.

In 1872 E.T. Delmege became the Consular Agent for the United States and business was thriving. However the Delmege brothers fell out in 1892. Therefater A. Forsyth joined E.T Delmege and formed Delmege Forsyth & Co and represented the Russian, Spanish and Portuguese Consulates and the Asiatic Petroleum Co. which was later to become The Shell Company of Ceylon. Business activities centered on the importation and distribution of flour from Australia , sugar from China and Java and salt from Port Said. Distribution of imported products was carried out through an island wide network of agents which is said to be early stages of marketing and distribution of consumer products in then Ceylon. This network still persists up to the present days – almost a century and half later. Delmege has the distinction of pioneering the use and distribution of Kerosene oil for home lighting for which coconut oil was used by the masses for illumination.

In 1918

Delmege Forsyth & Company became a limited liability Company and renamed DELMEGE FORSYTH & CO.LTD.

In 1978

F.G.N.Mendis, Chairman of Lewis Brown & Co.Ltd., acquired the controlling interest in Delmege Forsyth & Company Limited.

In 2011

Dhammika Perera, Chairman of the Vallibel Group of Companies acquired the sole ownership of the Delmege Group of Companies.

Today, Delmege Forsyth & Co Ltd, a member of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for more than a hundred years has become a widely diversified Group of Companies. While retaining and expanding their original business of imports, the Group has diversified into exports, airline services, travel & tourism , freight forwarding, pharmaceuticals ,recruitment, interior ,industrial, construction more. The Delmege Group has firmly established itself as an integral part of the Sri Lankan economy and strives to maintain this position, while continuing to seek opportunities for growth and development with both local and international partners.